Features Newlock By Locktech

  • With Engineering Standard and Modern Design.
  •  Easy to install (No drill, No weld).
  • Made from Hardening High Grade Steel.
  • Special Key Designed.
  • Individual designed for specific car model.


Product Name: Newlock By Locktech (LOCK BRAKE AND CLUTCH)
Weight : 2.5-4 Kg.
Distributed By
1542, 1544 Pattanakarn Rd., Suanlaung, Bangkok, Thailand 10250
Tel. 02-362-5734-44
Price  3,800 Baht


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List of Supported Brands

Y-SOCKET leader
Absolutely confident with Y-SOCKET, automobile manufacturing standard electric wire set can be connected with your car without disturbance to original electric wire circuit.
Advanced engine start up disruption
Engine start up disruption, new innovation for automatic gear that will protect you from starting up an engine without unlocking, adding more confident with Y-SOCKET electric wire set.
Manufactured by advanced-technology factory
Exportation standard factory under the surveillance of engineer and high technology equipment which examine every process, quality guaranteed with ISO 9001:2015.
Brake and clutch locking equipment
Tested by Thailand Automotive Institute.
Quality and environmental friendly product
Standard factory, awarded for Green Industry by Ministry of Industry.
Thailand Trust Mark (TTM)
Received Thailand Trust Mark: symbol for quality, eco and environmental friendly product for international standard export product granted by Thailand Institute of Design and Innovation Promotion, Department of International Trade Promotion .
Develop from patent product
Engineering design petty patent no. 7011,7012,7014,7335 Department of Intellectual Property.

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